After Action Report: AVD Azure AD Join Checklist in 200 Crappy Words

Preface: Why only 200 crappy words?

I’m seeing a growing number of AVD deployments going AAD-only thus decoupling from the technical debt of legacy Active Directory, and in many cases opting for Intune over on-premises SCCM etc for device management.

Thankfully Microsoft makes the process of deploying AAD-only AVD session hosts pretty straightforward, however, the below calls out a few lessons from the field to be mindful of….

  1. Microsoft only supports a limited number of use cases for AAD-joined VMs
  2. There are additional RBAC roles (Virtual Machine User Login and Virtual Machine Administrator User Login) to be considered for AAD joined VMs, correct placement of these roles is key to ensuring ease of management at scale
  3. If the device a user is connecting to an AAD joined AVD VM from is not joined to the same Azure AD as AVD, add targetisaadjoined:i:1 as a custom RDP property to the host pool
  4. If you’re deploying Windows 10 version 1511 or earlier you’ll need to enable the PKU2U protocol, this is enabled by default in version 1607 or later
  5. When configuring Conditional Access for AAD joined AVD, disable legacy per-user MFA and exclude the Azure Windows VM Sign-In app
Word Count: 196

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